View the latest Sexual Assault and Abuse Strategy

The West Midlands Police have released their Sexual Assault and Abuse Strategy (2020 - 2023).

They say:

'The West Midlands is committed to adopting a partnership approach to ending violence, interpersonal abuse and exploitation. Sexual assault and abuse are abhorrent crimes and as such; there is no place for them in society.

As a partnership the Sexual Assault and Abuse (SAA) Board will work to prevent such crimes; eradicate the discourse which allows perpetrators to feel entitled; reduce their means to act and support the criminal justice system to work towards ensuring it can safeguard communities by dealing effectively with those who commit such crimes.

We are dedicated to protecting and supporting communities, listening to them when they talk about their experiences and responding to safeguard, protect and support anyone affected. We will work together to break down the barriers to disclosure and support whilst strengthening links with all sexual assault and abuse services; ensuring they utilise trauma informed practices to support the lifelong impact that sexual assault and abuse can cause. We pledge to affect the system wide change needed to address the inequalities that interpersonal abuse currently affords.'

You can view the full strategy document below:

Sexual Assault and Abuse Strategy 2020 -
Download • 4.53MB

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