The SignHealth Domestic Abuse Service

Seems COVID-19 is with us a lot longer than expected and with another lockdown, cases of domestic abuse are seen to be on the increase.

We are a unique service in England that provides support to Deaf people who are experiencing or having witnessed domestic abuse. We a diverse team of qualified Deaf IDVAs that support clients over 16yrs of any gender or sexuality. Communication barriers are broken down as we are able to communicate in British Sign Language directly with the clients and have the ability to adapt our signing to fit the needs of the client i.e. using International Sign Language, Sign Supported English etc.

We have been able to secure funding to provide remote IDVA support to Deaf people throughout all of England and support their local services to provide a complete multidisciplinary package to guide the client. If you know of any services or clients that would benefit from our support, please do not hesitate to share our information or get in contact with us.

We are contactable via:

  • Email: (regularly monitored)

  • WhatsApp/SMS: 07970350366 (regularly monitored)

  • Telephone: 020 3947 2601 (may not be possible to receive all calls, so please do email/SMS if call not answered)

Please see our contingency plan. This plan explains how we have altered our service to ensure we are providing ongoing support to the community:

Our website has recently been updated and all our information (including information about the other services that SignHealth offer i.e. psychology therapy and social care is available to be viewed in British Sign Language (all videos are subtitled):

For regularly updated Coronavirus information in British Sign Language (with subtitles) please

For our accessible educational short films on Consent, Sexting, FGM, HBA and Forced Marriage in British Sign Language (with subtitles) please visit:

To view their information posters and leaflets, click below:

Download PDF • 202KB
Download PDF • 507KB

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