Survey to support the Hate Crime research initiative

Walsall has seen an increase in reported hate crime and hate incidents over the last 12 months and morally we should all take responsibility to try and reduce hatred in the borough and make life better for all of our residents. This increase may well link directly to the promotion of reporting opportunities and the work of the hate crime ambassadors project. We can still do more and you can play your part in this, by supporting the hate crime research initiative, a partnership between Black Country Innovate CIC and De Montford University to try and understand the reality for victims of hate crime who have suffered or witnessed hatred because of either their race, religion or belief, their sexual orientation or their gender identity.

What we need from you is this:

  • To identify individuals who can complete the research questions

  • Seek participants to answer the survey

  • Targeted promotion of the research internally and externally

The information we collect from this study will be used purely for the aims outlined above; improving the services provided to victims of hate crime. The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. On completion the participants may be invited along for a follow-up interview to talk about some of the questions and your answers in more detail.

To start the questionnaire please click here.

If you have any questions about the study, then please feel free to contact Laura Paton by emailing: or

I hope that you take this opportunity to make Walsall a safer place for everyone through actively supporting this research and standing against all forms of hatred.

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