Anti-Slavery Partnership Newsletter June 2020

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This newsletter is designed to update you on the latest resources available via the anti-slavery partnership toolkit.  Every month we will highlight new documents, and also call for examples from our readers, which could help to fill an existing gap in knowledge. Sharing learning is essential to building evidence about effective action against modern slavery, and we are keen to develop the impact of both the toolkit, and anti-slavery partnership work more broadly.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us.

New Documents

The Passage Anti-Slavery Project 2018/2020 Dr Júlia Tomás This report presents the findings and recommendations from the first two years of 'The Passage Anti-Slavery Project'. The report addresses gaps and areas of development in victim support pathways specific to homelessness people and rough sleepers, and also highlights positive partnerships that have and are being developed to provide immediate support when a potential victim is identified. This is of use to all partnerships addressing links between homelessness and modern slavery. The report can be accessed under 'Homeless Sector' here.

Modern Slavery: General awareness information for professionals who may come into contact with victims of slavery and human trafficking Home Office Modern Slavery Unit and the Modern Slavery Police Transformation Unit This presentation is useful for training practitioners who are not first responders. The PowerPoint provides a comprehensive overview of key information in order to raise awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking.  The resource can be accessed under 'Training' here.

Brexit and Modern Slavery: impacts on the UK's legal frameworks for workers in supply chains

Arianne Griffith, Rights Lab

This timely report provides key insights into the impact of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union (EU). Specifically, the report examines EU directives that protect against labour exploitation, and the extent to which they have been incorporated into UK law.

A webinar launch of this report with author Arianne Griffith, Baroness Lola Young, and other key panellists will be held on 6th July at 11am. Register for free here.

The report can be accessed here.

The Clewer Initiative: An appreciative inquiry

Dr Alison Gardner and Dr Ben Brewster, Rights Lab

The Clewer Initiative represents a long tradition of Christian engagement with the most challenging issues of justice and oppression. This report analyses the Clewer Initiative's response to modern slavery, whilst unfolding notable issues and challenges in order to facilitate further growth.

The resource can be accessed under 'Faith Engagement' here.

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