About Walsall

Feeling safe, secure, happy and proud

Walsall is a large industrialised market town. Covering 40 square miles, it is located 8 miles north-west of Birmingham, 6 miles east of Wolverhampton and 6 miles south of Cannock. 


The population of Walsall stood at 283,400 in mid-2018 and it is expected to increase by 5% to 297,700 over the next 10 years. Growth of the over 65 population is expected to increase by 12.3%. Reception aged children increased by 11.34% between 2012 -2017. 23% of residents are described as belonging to the black, asian and minority ethnic groups (BAME). Unemployment rates were at 3.6% in March 2019.  


Walsall has the third lowest crime rate in the West Midlands after Solihull and Dudley. Overall, we have seen a 3.8% increase in total recorded crime rate in comparison to 2017/18 with Walsall having a higher increase in comparison to the rest of the West Midlands. The majority of offences committed in Walsall are shown to be local re-offenders from the most deprived areas within Walsall.  Walsall is committed to multi-agency working, and works closely with the thriving voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCS). 



About Safer Walsall Partnership

Working together to create inclusive communities where every voice is heard, listened to and valued, ensuring people feel safe, secure, happy and proud in Walsall



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