Our shared successes

The Partnership has delivered a number of activities to make Walsall safer over the last 12 months. Here are some of the successes we have achieved with you.

Raised awareness to over 4000 partnership staff and volunteers on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Night shelter set up to help support homeless people in Walsall. 57 individuals housed in last 12 months who were previously homeless

Established the Youth of Walsall ‘Real Knives, Real Lives’ campaign (local and regional). Led by young people around the dangers of carrying a knife

Volunteers have set up ‘The Watch’ a community safety hub run from Pelsall Village Centre for the benefit of all communities

West Midlands Police joined forces with partners and the community to  target knife and violent crime through a major operation called ‘Project Guardian’

50 members providing high visibility patrols in the Park Hall area leading to reduced levels of crime

In 2019/2020 we were successful in gaining Home Office funding to hold local ‘Prevent’ projects in our communities, schools and with staff

‘Saving lives’ - Fire Service completed over 2000 ‘Safe and Well Visits’ within our communities over the last 12 months

CCTV team proven track surveillance record helped victims by catching offenders of crime in Walsall. Supporting community cohesion, safety and reassurance