How we will deliver our priorities

Our plan


A performance delivery plan (see example Appendix A) has been designed to illustrate how we will achieve our aims and deliver on our priorities. This live document will evolve each year and will reflect the people and partners plans moving forward.

Our promise is to support victims and witnesses and lead on enforcement where, together, we will respond to the issues that matter the most to local residents and businesses. All victims have the right to be supported under the ‘Victim’s code’ [3], to cope and recover from harm they have experienced regardless of whether they report it to the police. 

Why a one year plan?


The Partnership agreed a one-year plan for 2020, so that it can be reviewed in line with the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC) new Police and Crime Plan for 2021, and the annual strategic assessment.

[3] Ministry of Justice Code of Practice for Victims of Crime