Our aims and priorities

Our aims


  • Creating safe, strong and resilient communities

  • Keeping people safe from harm

  • Reducing offending and preventing reoffending

Our priorities


  • Violence reduction  

  • Stop domestic abuse

  • Prevent extremist activity

  • Reduce drugs and alcohol misuse

  • Reduce serious and organised crime

  • Reduce offending and re-offending


Setting our priorities


The Partnership is required to produce a Community Safety Plan and has a statutory duty to produce an annual assessment. This enables partners to set themes and strategic priorities to protect communities from crime and help people feel safer. These are set out within this Partnership Plan, with the priorities reviewed on an annual basis.


The Partnership recognises that it has a ‘duty to consult’ with the residents of Walsall for which purpose, we have conducted a number of public surveys to understand what concerns you the most. During June 2019, a consultation took place with the people of Walsall, seeking your views on community safety. This consultation covered a sample population of Walsall residents, businesses, partners and voluntary groups of all demographics. We have listened to your concerns and made them our priorities.


What the data tells us


The Partnership reviewed the findings from a variety of public consultations and identified relevant vulnerabilities and threats derived from the data within the strategic assessment. This enabled us to understand what our collective data is telling us so that we could shape and identify our themes and strategic priorities.  This data tells us what makes people feel safe and unsafe, what concerns regarding crime and anti-social behaviour the people have and what we can do better together to improve community safety.