You told us and we listened

This document sets out our ‘20-20 Vision’ to tackle crime and disorder and create a safer Walsall.

You told us you wanted us to make your streets and communities safer. You also told us that you wanted to be at the heart of local decision making to fix the issues we face together. By using tried and tested methods that work and by sharing information [1] and resources, we will work with our partners across Walsall to target the crime and disorder issues that you care about the most [2].

A safer and stronger Walsall will also attract much needed new investment and business to our town centre. Renewed confidence and a more vibrant economy will be our legacy for a safe, secure, happy and proud Walsall. We embrace our achievements through working together, but we know there is more to do to ensure Walsall is as safe and free from harm as it can be. That is why the Safer Walsall Partnership (The Partnership) is committed to a plan of early intervention and prevention.

Like other towns and cities in the West Midlands, we face significant challenges and pressures to tackle existing, new and emerging threats. We strongly believe we are better when we work together.  It is the responsibility of us all to play our part in making Walsall and our communities safer.

[1] Section 115 Crime and Disorder Act 1998

[2] Section 17 Crime and Disorder Act 1998