Priority: Reduce serious and organised crime

20 recorded crimes of Modern Slavery  in 0219

Lead partner: Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group

Why is this a priority?


You told us that you have seen an increase in serious crime committed in your area and want to reduce the number of cases seen regarding exploitation, drug dealing, knives and guns. Increased numbers of people exploited for sex work, modern slavery and criminal activities like begging also remains a priority for residents, businesses and visitors alike. In 2019, there were 20 crimes recorded that were classed as Modern Slavery, 9 of which were sexual exploitation.


Analysis of organised crime within the West Midlands show generations of criminals have taken advantage and caused harm to some our most deprived communities. They evade justice in many cases because they operate like a business that rapidly adapts to the changing environment. The layers of complexity that they create often mean they exist hidden in plain sight. The symptoms of serious and organised crime include violence, narcotics, fraud and cyber-crime, organised acquisitive crime and exploitation.


Our aim


Is to provide a local response to improve the quality of life for our communities through a partnership approach that tackles persistent criminal behaviour.  We will continue to raise awareness within our communities in order to reduce the risk of exploitation, neglect and/or criminal activities. Working with the voluntary and community sector (VCS), we aim to minimise labour exploitation. It is our aim to make Walsall hostile to slavery and provide the best possible support for victims and potential victims.



Success will be measured by


  1. Reducing serious and organised crime

  2. Reducing the exploitation of vulnerable people

  3. Reducing serious crime involving weapons

Over the coming year we will


  • Ensure a comprehensive understanding of organised crime including who is involved and where it takes place

  • Raise awareness, across staff and the community of all elements of serious and organised crime and how to identify and report it

  • Expand our understanding of the increase number of children, young people and adult with vulnerabilities being exploited to commit crimes

  • Gather and share information and intelligence from all partners, including the community, helping to raise awareness of the threat posed by serious and organised crime and exploitation

  • Develop appropriate partnership interventions to deter people from becoming involved in serious and organised crime

  • Develop a delivery model of excellence for modern slavery and human trafficking in order to meet the Modern Slavery Act 2015 statutory requirements including: operational pathways, pursuance, disruption and awareness

  • Progress multi-agency interventions to rehabilitate those caught up in criminality – ensuring all agencies are stronger working together.

Over the next three years we will


  • Work closely with neighbouring towns, especially in relation to county lines issues

  • Design and commission support services for those that are victims and or those that are affected by neglect, serious and organised crime and anti-social behaviour

  • Work closely with local, regional and national partners to expand the operating model of excellence for modern slavery and human trafficking to ensure Walsall becomes a ‘slavery free community’

  • Fully engage in the Home Office and National Crime Agency and endorse the “Four P” approach to tackling serious and organised crime: A fifth P, “Partnership” is embedded across Walsall.

  • Prepare: Reducing the impact of this criminality where it does occur

  • Prevent: Preventing and deterring people from engaging in serious and organised crime

  • Pursue: Exploiting opportunities to disrupt and where possible prosecute those engaged in serious and organised criminality

  • Protect: Taking measures to increase protection for individuals, businesses and communities from serious and organised crime and safeguarding those most at risk from it.