Priority: Prevent extremist activity

11,000 Staff trained in ‘Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent’


Lead partner: Walsall Council

Why is this a priority?


You told us that you want to promote integration and create a sense of community and, you would also like more awareness about protecting our children and vulnerable people from becoming radicalised.  In 2019/2020 we trained over 11,000 staff in ‘Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent’.


Our aim


Is to support local communities and institutions to challenge and reject the message of extremism. Prevent in Walsall is delivered in partnership by a wide range of organisations including the police, council, NHS, fire services and a number of community groups. Together we recognise that the best long-term solution to preventing terrorism is to stop people becoming terrorists in the first place. To deliver this message effectively, we are fully committed to working alongside community groups and organisations within Walsall.



Success will be measured by


  1. Identifying potential vulnerabilities related to extremism or radicalisation

  2. Securing support mechanisms to prevent individuals from being drawn into terrorism

  3. Reducing ‘hate crime’ through Prevent and integration related activity in our schools and communities.


Over the coming year we will


  • Increase the understanding of partners of the local threats and vulnerabilities in relation to extremism and terrorism

  • Increase the community role in tackling extremism

  • Develop an early intervention and identification process which raises potential concerns of extremism or radicalisation

  • Increase hate crime awareness and reporting

  • Ensure that the service for victims and perpetrators of hate crime is fully rolled out, where a network of reporting organisations work to consistent standards

  • Ensure that partners consider a complete approach when implementing the Prevent duty including access to training

  • Working with the Contest board, we will continue to ensure that support offered by partners is appropriate for each

  • Identify third sector capacity to increase the range of support available.


Over the next three years we will


  • Continue to respond to actions of those promoting violent extremism wherever it may present

  • Develop positive relationships with our community by using Prevent projects

  • Ensure that information is shared between partners to address any concerns

  • Ensure that staff are aware of the actions of potential extremist or terrorist and know how to respond

  • Support partners to embed the prevent duty across all relevant organisations

  • Ensure that the service for victims and perpetrators of hate crime is fully rolled out and a network of reporting organisations work to consistent standards.