Priority: Violence reduction

3900 recorded crime of ‘public place violence’ in 2019/2020

Lead partner: West Midlands Police

Why is this a priority?


You told us that anti-social behaviour, youths with knives, street robberies and assaults are your primary concerns. Walsall saw the main increase in violent offences, particularly through violence without injury and through possession of weapons.


Rates of serious violent crimes continue to be of concern across the country including in the West Midlands and there is a focus at a regional and national level with the development of a West Midlands Violence Reduction Unit (VRU).  In 2019/20, there were 3900 recorded crime of ‘public placed violence’ with a trend of increasing offences. Increases have also been seen in knife crime (594 offences in 2019/20).


Our aim


Is to reduce violence on the streets of Walsall and build resilient communities by raising awareness; working with victims and perpetrators and reducing youth violence through a model based on prevention, diversion, enforcement and rehabilitation.


Success will be measured by


  1. A developed and embedded shared organisational and community response to violence prevention and reduction in Walsall

  2. Stopping violence in Walsall before it starts

  3. Protecting the most vulnerable in Walsall from abuse.


Over the coming year we will


  • Listen to our communities to understand the root causes of the challenge in Walsall in order to effectively address the problem including community perceptions of safety relating to violent crime

  • Develop a co-ordinated approach across The Partnership to prevent violence through multi-agency delivery, drawing on the expertise from the newly established VRU focussing on violence, vulnerability and exploitation

  • Start a conversation with communities to build awareness and understanding about how positive childhood experiences can influence life chances and build resilient communities in Walsall

  • Safeguard vulnerable victims and witnesses and improve their confidence and satisfaction, embedding the Victims Code and working with the Victims’ Commission

  • Address The Partnership priorities, threats and anticipated peaks in demand, delivering interventions that utilise the full capability of the partnership

  • Working together to lessen the risk and demand associated with mental health related illness.

Over the next three years we will


  • Transform how our services contribute to building resilient communities in Walsall and ensure effective enhancements are put in place where needed

  • Apply our key principles for collaboration, governance and scrutiny; make use of what we know and generate new knowledge where required

  • Identify and tackle the root causes of violence and implement partnership systems to stop it before it starts

  • Stop the progression of violence through early detection, intervention, support and enforcement for both victims and perpetrators.