Enabling resilient communities to thrive


Walsall resilient communities model


As we continue to move towards the resilient model above, we need to put in place appropriate solutions for different circumstances. If a police response is needed you should get one and if you report child abuse, it should be dealt with swiftly and appropriately. To ensure that help is given when needed, The Partnership wants to support individuals and communities, as they are the strongest part of our response to this plan to deliver appropriate activities. 


More and more communities are playing an active and effective part in looking after their areas. As a partnership we will utilise community skills and commitment to deliver our outcomes differently. We also want to ensure that personal responsibility plays its part, communicating over issues such as doorstep scammers. We believe that turning your back on issues such as hate crime or bullying should not be acceptable in a modern society. Challenging unacceptable behaviour and reporting inappropriate activity must become part of our culture. 


We will encourage communities to be empowered and come together to make their areas safer. Initiatives such as Neighbourhood Watch, Streetwatch, Community Watch and Speedwatch all give support to individuals and groups to make their communities safer. This will continue and be supported.


Of course when help is needed, be it violent crime, modern day slavery, domestic abuse, neglect or preventing extremism, we need to ensure the appropriate and effective response is available. Public support is crucial to the success of this plan, but it must be met with the right level of support that is available. To illustrate our commitment to the resilient communities model, we will involve community members in our work and to be part of delivering the outcomes to this plan. We will also facilitate a Safer Walsall Youth Partnership to raise the voice of young people.